As a matter of principle, the Green Party  believe that power and responsibility should be given to the lowest level possible. This applies particularly at local government level  in general and in Bury in particular where too many decisions are taken by the Executive,  leading inevitably to a lack of accountability and where residents have very little or no control over decisions affecting their immediate neighbourhood.

This is why Bury Green Party would seek to replace Labour's Township Forums which are for consultation only, have no decision making powers and no budgets.  We would seek to replace the Forums  with  neighbourhood councils covering much smaller geographical areas than the old Conservative party Local Area Partnerships which Labour simply  renamed "Township Forums"  last May.  More importantly, we would also devolve real decision making powers with proper budgets to these community-based councils.

If you are interested in exploring further how to improve local democracy in Bury, you are most welcome to join us in our discussion on the subject.


 Open Meeting 

Thursday 1st December from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm

St Joseph's Parish Centre

132, Walmersley Road, Bury BL9 6DX