The Action Group is calling on all local residents to take part in a Public Meeting on 5th January 2012.

 Stepping up their campaign against the Council's plan to put back seven hectares of Green Belt land know as " Gin Hall " into Employment land for industrial or commercial development,  volunteers from Walmersley Residents' Action Group have now delivered information leaflets to all the homes of people who would be directly affected by the proposed development.   








The leaflet urges local residents to register their objections with the Planning Department before the closing of the 6 weeks consultation period on 13th January.

A Public Meeting has now been organised for Thursday 5th January 2012  where Paul Allen, Bury Council's  Planning Officer, will be attending to answer a number of key questions prepared by the Action Group and put to him in advance of the meeting.  The meeting will be held in Walmerley Christ Church  Hall at the back of the church and start at 7 pm.

Bury Green Party urges all its supporters from Summerseat, Ramsbottom and Nangreaves who care about protecting our Green Belt and whose quality of life  will be directly affected by development on "Gin Hall"  to come along and take part in this meeting.

Walmersley Residents' Action Group members are confident that given the number of objections from local residents and the detailed nature of those objections, Councillors will have the sense to question some of the more fundamental changes in environmental policies raised  as well as some equally controversial proposals contained in what will in effect be the third version of our Planning Department's efforts.

Hopefully, common sense will prevail with this latest  attempt by the Council's Planning Department to produce a legally "sound" and "sustainable" Local Development Plan for the next 15 years.

Elected Members from all 3 main parties must therefore take the trouble to seriously analyse all the evidence and arguments put forward by local residents and other potential objectors against some key aspects of their Planning Officer's plan and respond to those.

Failure to do so could possibly result in further threats of legal challenges from some quarters leading to yet more "humiliating withdrawal". 

Bury Green Party fully support Walmersley Residents' Action Group to keep Gin Hall in the Green Belt .

We urge all our supporters from Walmersley and Summerseat in North Manor, as well as from Ramsbottom and Shuttleworth to come along to the Public Meeting on 5th January and take part in what is likely to be an informative and  lively debate on a key green issue for the future of  Bury.