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To set up a new direct debit, or to make one-off payments to Bury Green Party, please use the following information 


Name of beneficiary: Bury Green Party 

Sort Code: 60-83-01 

Account number: 20386115



A letter from the Treasurer

Please consider donating to Bury Green Party by Direct Debit.

Bury Green Party have been active in local politics now for several years fielding candidates in all wards in the Borough.  We have stood Candidates at General Elections and have contributed significantly to the costs in fielding a Green Party Candidate for the Greater Manchester Mayoral elections.  We have also engaged with the local community facilitating and supporting  local campaigning groups on environmental, social and resource issues throughout the Borough.  Bury Green Party regularly meet at the Freedom Church, Walmersley Road every month and pay rent for using these premises.  We have also paid for guest speakers to attend meetings as well.

It is very important that we maintain not only our political impact at the local level but we also are able to meet regularly so we can plan and develop effective strategies and continue to work locally.  It is important that we have the resources to be able to function effectively.

We believe that the minimum funding to do this is in the region of £800 a year; however increased funding would certainly allow us to be even more effective in our local activities. In total we have over 90 members of Bury Green Party.  If many of our members were prepared to make regular small donations, we would be able to maintain not only our core activities but engage more effectively politically also We believe that numerous small donations using the direct debits will be sufficient for us to maintain the core activity of our Local Party as well as possible increase spending on political activity.  Several donations of £1.00 or £2.00 a month can make a big difference.

Examples of how a donation can help are as follows:

£2.50 a month would pay for the use of a room for a single meeting

£5.00 a month pays for all our incidentals stationery etc. for six months

£10.00 a month would contribute to one third of the costs of the costs for canvassing in a ward

£15.00 a month would pay for 6 months’ rent for holding regular meetings

£30.00 a month would pay for a full campaign in one of our local wards

As Treasurer I ask that you consider donating by Direct Debit. We have had members who use this method and other local parties have successfully financed their Branch activities by this method. The Direct debit details are listed below. You could also use our sort code and account number listed below to make one-off payments should an ongoing direct debit not be suitable for you. 

Glyn Heath (Branch Treasurer)



To set up a new direct debit, or to make one-off payments to Bury Green Party, please use the following information 


Name of beneficiary: Bury Green Party

Sort Code: 60-83-01

Account number: 20386115



Thank you! 








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