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Your Local Council Candidates for Bury 2018 - Remember to vote on May 3rd!

East: Glyn Heath

Glyn Heath has lived in Bury North for 15 years.  He is married with 3 grown up children.  A zoologist and scientist, Glyn works as a lecturer and researcher at Salford University where he specialises in the design, making and fitting of artificial limbs.  Glyn has previous experience serving as a councillor in Bury and was deputy chair of the Planning Control Committee.  If elected, Glyn will work to promote the creation of new green jobs, improve grass roots democracy and social justice in our borough. 


Church: Nicole Haydock

Nicole Haydock is married and has two grand children.  She has lived in Bury for 25 years.  Now retired, she spent the last years of her career as a Homeless Prevention Officer and Tenants’ Liaison Officer for Salford City West Housing Trust.  If elected, Nicole will seek to improve energy efficiency for all housing and public buildings. With a strong track record of as a community activist and green campaigner, Nicole is committed to save Bury’s Green Belt and find practical solutions to tackle poverty in Bury. More recently, she  has been working hard to save Dumers Lane Community Centre and Library from closure. She is a member of the Woodland Trust and Shelter. 


Radcliffe West: Karen Wood

Originally from Plymouth, Karen Wood has lived in Bury for 26 years.  Her experience has included working with the homeless and the elderly and latterly in Salford for the NHS in the field of mental health care.  She lives with her civil partner and has three children, two of whom live in Radcliffe and one in Australia.   An enthusiastic traveller, amateur photographer and lover of wildlife and open spaces, she is committed to environmental protection.  Additionally, she is a firm believer in equality of opportunity and resources, particularly in relation to housing and mental health services.  If elected she will endeavour to see that privately rented properties are checked, fit for purpose and comply with health and safety and environmental protections.  Likewise that attention is also paid to the inspection of private accommodation allocated to Bury’s refugees and asylum seekers.


Radcliffe East: Paul Johnstone

Paul Johnstone has lived in Bury all his life.  Aged 32, he has been involved with helping vulnerable adults for the past twelve years.  Paul is currently working as a school supervisor.  If elected, Paul will work hard to find practical solutions to the largely hidden homelessness crisis in Bury.


Holyrood: Peter Curati

Peter Curati has lived in Prestwich for 11 years.  He works as a science teacher in a local secondary school.  A keen cyclist, Peter wants to see an extension of cycle tracks across the Borough and a review of all cycle lanes in Bury.  He is firmly against the government’s local government cut and if elected, Peter will do all he can to protect frontline services including schools and libraries. 


North Manor: Mary Heath

Mary Heath has lives in Bury for 21 years.  She is married with 3 grown up children.  Mary works part-time in a local tea shop and as an administrator for a bird watching tour company.  She is committed to protect the Greenbelt on “Gin Hall” in particular and the conservation of natural habitat, promote sustainable energy and animal welfare.  If elected, Mary would work to protect our green spaces and parks, promote food growing and allotments. 


Besses: Larissa Heath

Larissa Heath is 24 years old and has lived in Bury most of her life.  She works as a midwife, having graduated from York University in 2013.  Larissa is totally opposed to the privatisation of the NHS and she is interested in fair pay for public sector workers.  She is also committed to animal welfare.  If elected, Larissa will work to create more local jobs in Bury, promote a safer community and actively seek to set up a Women’s refuge hostel. 


Elton: Charlie Allen

Charlie Allen has lived in Bury for 12 years.  She is married with three grandchildren, and works full time at the University of Manchester as a Project Accountant with a special interest in sustainability.  Charlie is opposed to fracking and is active in the anti-fracking campaign.  She is also opposed to development on greenbelt sites and protecting the environment generally.  If elected, Charlie will work hard to prevent building on the greenbelt, whilst promoting construction of desperately needed affordable housing on brown sites within the Borough.


Redvales: Alan Stead

Alan Stead is an army veteran from the Royal Corps of Signals.  Before his retirement, he worked as a self-employed engineer.  Alan has been a committed volunteer for many years who cares deeply about improving his neighbourhood and bring communities together.  If elected, Alan will also work hard to address issues associated with drug dealing in his ward and in Bury. 


Pilkington Park: Neil Greenhalgh

Originally from North Wales, Neil Greenhalgh has lived in Whitefield for the past 5 years, where he has just bought his first house with his wife.  Having studied Fine Art at the University of Chester and later a Masters degree in Art History at the University of Manchester, Neil is an aspiring artist and the Retail Manager at the Whitworth Art Gallery.  Neil is passionate about animal welfare, sustainability and the provision and improvement of local green spaces.  If elected, Neil will work to keep all Green Belt land free from housing and commercial development, commit to a programme of tree planting and implement a food growing policy with and for the residents of Pilkington Park. 


Moorside: Noel Traynor


Noel Traynor has lived in Bury for 14 years.  He is a British Sign Language user and now retired after a number of years in different roles, including a Chief Executive of a Deaf charity for 9 years and a researcher at UCLAN University.  Noel is passionate about the local environment and committed to protecting and preserving local parks, including Hoyle park.  He firmly believes that although recent years have seen a hike in council tax, this has not been reflected in how our parks and surrounding road safety is maintained.  If elected, Noel would work to see locals more engaged and enthusiastic about local environments, in order to promote and improve health and well-being. 


Tottington: Samantha Deas







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