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Would you like to share your ideas for a fairer, more democratic and Green Bury ? 


Join the most progressive force in British politics, voice your local interests and concerns, take part in our meetings and activities and attend regional and national Green Party events.


Would you like to join our team of volunteers  and help out with our campaigns, residents' surveys, elections or fund raising activities ?


Or would you be happy just helping out with delivering our Newsletters in your neighbourhood ? 


If you do, please contact Charlie Allen: tel: 07870 189519 email: charlieallen@btinternet.com

Our members' only monthly meetings are held on 1st Tuesday of each month from 7.30 to 9.30 pm




Dumers Lane Community Centre

Dumers Lane

Radcliffe M26 2GN



  Donations towards the hiring of our meeting room are welcome !


If you wish to join the Green Party online, click on Join a growing party to the right of the Home page.


Do visit www.facebook.com/burygreenparty for updates.





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