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1 January 2014

The establishement parties have certainly given voters plenty to be angry about.

It's not just the expenses scandal or the sense that none of the three main parties can ever be trusted again after Labour's lies on Iraq, Nick Clegg's duplicity over tuition fees and David Cameron's broken promises on the NHS.

It's the fact that the Westminster pantomime seems completely remote from the real challenges we face - climate catastrophe, social inequalities and unemployment.

People need to feel that there is a reason to vote.

That's why the Green Party is championing major reform of our political system. Proportional representation would be a start, alongside a robust recall procedure, ensuring that "safe seats" were a thing of the past and that MPs were genuinely accountable.

And the whole parliamentary procedure should be dragged into the 21st century, with an end to corporate influence and far greater transparency.


Letter published in the Guardian 31/12/2013 

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