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The Trade and Investment Partnership is for the 1%, not the common good

06 July 2014

TTIP is a free trade agreement between the US and the EU which will result in corporations being able to dictate government policy. All the UK main political parties have signed up to it.UKIP's Nigel Farage has been actively promoting it.

Greens celebrate election results in Bury and across the North West

26 May 2014

A good result for the Greens in Bury and the second highest vote share in Manchester. The Greens become the official opposition on Liverpool City Council and more Green Councillors win seats across the North West.

Vote GREEN PARTY for the common good

18 May 2014

If you're fed up with "Yah-Boo" politics and of politicians that tinker around the edges of our very serious economic, social and environmental problems, vote Green at the European and Local Elections on 22nd May.

Greens launch manifesto for Bury

10 May 2014

Bury Green Party candidates promise to work for a local economy which puts people first,hold the Town Hall to account, promote job creation, tackle poverty and protect our environment and health.

Euro Elections on 22nd May : myth-buster on the EU Budget

05 May 2014

The EU is the largest economy in the world, worth £11 trillion. The USA is worth £10.3 trillion, China £5.4 trillion and Japan £2.7 trillion. Over 40% of UK exports go the the EU and they are tariff-free. 50% of foreign direct investment to the UK comes from other EU Members states, and is worth £351 billion a year. The existing UK deficit is £120 billion. Trident cost UK tax payers £93 billion.

Greens launch "Reinstate our Central Library" campaign

20 March 2014

The 2013 "Plan for Change" public consultation was a sham. Nobody in their right mind would have approved the clearing of three quarter of Bury Central Library floor space to make room for a Sculpture Centre.

Wrong place, Right decision

20 March 2014

Bury Councillors did their home work and rightly went against their own Planners'recommendation to approve Peel Environment and Marshall Mono Ltd's £10m waste digester plant in Ramsbottom.

Vote for Glyn Heath for Ramsbottom on 22nd May

17 February 2014

If elected, Glyn will work on behalf of Ramsbottom residents to promote the creation of skilled new jobs, protect green spaces and the environment, improve local democracy and fight for social justice.

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