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Greens contest North Manor and St Mary's on May 3rd Council Elections

07 April 2012

With the most forward thinking and comprehensive Election Manifesto ever put to the people of Bury, our candidates will work towards a more democratic, socially just and sustainable future for our borough.

Stop Notice served on micro hydro electric project on the Irwell

31 March 2012

Responding to a resident from Warthfold Road in Radcliffe regarding the environmental damage caused by works towards a micro-hydro generation project on River Irwell, Bury Green Party takes the matter up directly with the Council.

Don't Frack with our Water !

21 February 2012

A national gathering will be held at the Methodist Central Hall on Oldham Street from 11 am to 6 pm on Saturday 17th March to dicusss what can be done to build a National Coalition against hydraulic fracturing or " fracking".

Bury Greens Support Credit Union

17 February 2012

Plans to create a Credit Union for tenants, residents in the borough is being considered by the Council.

Green Party are the alternative

21 January 2012

Bury Green Party calls on local trade unions to back the Green alternative that is now the only voice standing against an economic system designed to place the tab for the sub-prime financial crisis of 2008 on the most vulnerable of our people and our public services.

Public meeting: 5th January on Gin Hall and Green Belt

22 December 2011

The meeting will be held at Walmersley Christ Church Hall on School Lane, starting at 7 pm . As part of the consultation process regarding the Council's Draft Publication Core Strategy, Walmersley Residents Action Group have invited a leading member of the Planning Department to meet with local people anxious to save our Green Belt from development.

Bury Greens join Day of Action for Pensions Justice

01 December 2011

Bury Greens showed their solidarity with Teachers, Local Authority and Health Service workers and Civil Servants. We joined the protest march in Bury on 30th November against the Coalition's government attempts to raid their pension funds to pay for their £81 billion of cuts.

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