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Bury Green Party was proud to have achieved the status of "Main Party" at the local elections in May 2014. 

Thanks to the "Green Surge" across the country and the tremendous efforts put in by our active membership and army of volunteers, Bury residents will have had the opportunity - for the first time ever - to vote Green in both Bury North constituency and Bury South and in each one of Bury's 17 wards for the Council election. 

Our candidates John Southworth and Glyn Heath have  hit the campaign trail by taking part in a number of hustings. They were also invited to give talks to business and community groups which has given them the opportunity to present and defend our radical Green Party vision for a positive future and our policies to combat Climate Change & the Government's cuts  for the Common Good.

Results :

John Southworth  -  Bury North:   1141     or  2.52% of the votes cast

Glyn Heath -  Bury South:  1434     or  3.04% of the votes cast


Council Elections

We were equally proud to announce that all Green supporters will have had the chance to vote for what they actually believed in this year as we offered a full slate of candidates to all Bury residents. 

Your local Green Party candidates' results are :


Total : 4253  or 4.53% of all votes cast


Radcliffe East - Nicole Haydock  4.90%

Radcliffe North - Anne Beckett    3.43%

Ramsbottom -  Laura Chepner    6.14%

North Manor  - Mary Heath           5.63%

Tottington -  Samantha Deas       4.47%

Unsworth - Carm Bithell                3.33%

Besses - Zarrin Shannon               3.54%

Sedgley - Karen Wood                   5.34%

Elton - Julie Southworth                3.27%

Moorside -  Larissa Heath             4.91%

St Marys - Andrew McKee              5.95%    

East  -  Paul Jenkins                        4.77%

Church -  Reece Spencer                3.16%

Redvales  - Paul Deaville                3.37%

Radcliffe West  - Stephen Dillon    4.12%

Holyrood  - Peter Curati                  5.72%

Pilkington Park  - Zacheri Garsia    4.93%


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