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14 April 2016

With UKIP only managing to field 9 candidates this year and the Lib-Dems 13, the outcome of May 5th local election might bring a few surprises - although the chances of a change of majority in Bury remains a slim one.

What everyone will be watching out for locally, but more so nationally, is the impact the new Labour Party leadership under Jeremy Corbyn may have on the outcome of the councils and mayoral elections. No doubt the media will have a field day  speculating endlessly about the outcome of the EU Referendum and the 2020 General Election from those results.

But in Bury, Greens are confident that we will increase our vote significantly and move that little bit closer to a time when we will hope to be in a position to bring some sanity to the debates in the Council Chamber and restore democracy in the way our Council used to be governed before the disastrous " Strong Leader " model was adopted !

With 11 out our 17 of our brilliant candidates being women this year - thus perhaps reflecting a keen interest in green politics from women and the impact that our extraordinary Green MP Caroline Lucas may have had so far since elected - they also reflect a cross section of society in all its diversity.  Many of us are also residents in the ward we stand for. 

Here is the list of our all our candidates:

(a number of us have our own facebook * )


Zarrin Shannon *               Ramsbottom  

Mary Heath                        North Manor   

Carmel Walker                   Tottington       

Charlotte Allen                   Elton

Larissa Heath                    Moorside

Andrew Hunt                     Church

Paul Johnstone                  Redvales

Glyn Heath                         East

Nicole Haydock*                 Unsworth

Niamh McGarry-Griffin*      Radcliffe East

Matt Bailey*                       Radcliffe North

Karen Wood                       Radcliffe West

Joanne Gardner                 Besses

Zacheri Garsia                    Pilkington Park

Janneke Calle*                   Holyrood 

Jozias Bailey-Sharam         St Mary's

Kamila Laing                      Sedgley


Latest news:  there are 173 Green Party candidates standing in local elections in Greater Manchester. This is considerably more than either the Lib Dems (149) or UKIP (143). It's 80% of the number of total seats up for election.








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