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14 August 2013

The Notice will be in the Bury Times on 22nd August. Look out for the date for the end of the consultation period. 

There are two separate Planning Applications from Peel Environment Ltd and Marshall Mono Ltd.

Ref numbers:  56575 and 56776 

All the documents have now been uploaded on Bury Council e-planning portal.

Hard copies should be available for members of the public to inspect from the Council's Planning Office on Knowsley Place, opposite the Town Hall. 


Bury and Ramsnottom Greens are now studying all the documents, paying particular attention to the Environment Impact Assessment and its methodology. 


Thank you for visiting our site.

Please visit us again soon for our comments on the 2 applications. 


And send your comments to : www. ramsbottomgreenview.co.uk 

and  https://www.facebook.com/BuryGreenParty       

or https://twitter.com/BuryGreenParty 







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