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15 November 2013

There is good news in Brazil, but bad news in the UK where animals are still tortured in the name of progress. 

The Royal Institute in Brazil announced recently that it has decided to permanently discontinue its animal research activities. This came less than a month after 178 beagles and several rabbits were found to have been seriously abused and kept in filthy conditions at the Institute. 

Once the evidence had been gathered, the government decided to change animal testing legislation at an emergency meeting. 


On the badger cull front, scientists at the University of Exeter have studied badgers to see how their social interation may spread bovine TB. They found that TB-infected badgers tended to be shunned within their social groups and were more isolated than uninfected badgers. This confines the disease whilst culling disrupts this stability and infected badgers disperse, thus spreading the disease futher afield. 

The study has also found that vaccination did not cause this "perturbation" effect. 


If you wish to be kept up-to-date with the issue of cruelty to animals and animal welfare - a matter close to all Greens' heart-  we recommend you visit info@animalaid.org.





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