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5 May 2014

Bury Green Party is proud to announce a slate of 15 candidates for Bury's Council election this May - with 8 women and 7 men - aiming to get a Green voice on Bury Council.

We are particulary pleased to have an almost equal number of  women and men candidates and a number of young greens on the ballot papers.

The local party is now working hard on the Bury doorstep, and hearing more and more desire for a strong Green opposition to the Labour administration.

Our candidates


Radcliffe North          John Southworth            

Radcliffe East            Nicole Haydock               

Radcliffe West           Stephen Dillon                

Besses                      Larissa Heath               

Pilkington Park          Peter Curati

East                          Eva Stewart

St Mary's                   Paul Deaville

Ramsbottom              Glyn Heath                         

Elton                         Julie Southworth

Church                       Pat Neill

North Manor              Mary Heath

Redvales                   Bill Brison

Tottington                 Zarrin Shannon

Sedgley                     Kamila Laing

Moorside                   Anne Beckett                     


Vote Green on May 22nd to hold the Town Hall to account, tackle poverty and social exclusion, promote equality and diversity, protect our green belt and green spaces and the environment ! 


Want to get involved with the campaign, or donate to help us campaign more effectively?


email us on : burygreenparty@yahoo.com

or RammyGreens@gmail.com


call or text  us on 07531753458


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