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Bury Greens say "FRACK OFF"

2 November 2011

A leading member of Bury Green Party recently attended "Camp Frack" at Hesketh Bank near Blackpool to join local residents' opposition to the proposed hydraulic fracturing of shale in the area. The campaign involved leafletting, workshops and protest marches with local people who are deeply concerned about the technology that is new to the UK but has been used in a widespread fashion in the U.S.A. In the States, there have been huge problems with pollution and decimation of beautiful countryside where fracking has occured.

What is Fracking ?

Fracking or Hydraulic Fracturing is a controversial extraction method which  involves blasting water  and  highly hazardous chemicals deep into the ground to fracture layers of rocks or shale and force out natural gas.

What problems could we face if Fracking is allowed to go ahead in this country ?

Ground water will be contaminated with toxic and carcinogenic chemicals which could affect our crops and animals. Where Fracking has occured in the States, local residents have experienced breathing difficulties associated  with air pollution from the fracking plants.

Energy contractors Cuadrilla  suspended its shale gas test drilling near Blackpool in June over fears of links to two earthquakes  which hit Lancashire Fylde coast on 1st April, followed by a second tremor on May 27th. A study conducted by The British Geological Survey placed the epicentre of the quakes as being 500 metres away from a well at Weaton. A report commissioned by Cuadrilla found that it is " highly probable " that shale gas test drilling were responsible for the earth tremors, but added that the quakes were caused by an " unusual combination of geology at the well site".

A spokesman for Frack Off said: " This report does not inspire confidence, they should have done their research before drilling began" and added "Can we believe anything else the industry says when it talks about the safety of fracking?".

A recent study by three researchers at Cornell University also exposed the myth that shale gas is "clean". Methane leaks in the fracking process plus the energy consumed by drilling operations and pumping add up to a larger greenhouse gas footprint than coal-fired electricity !

What can be done to stop fracking in this country ?

Leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas is calling for a moratorium on fracking whilst the process itself is thoroughly investigated as is happening in France.

You can support local residents in Lancashire by joining their protests and meetings. Look out for the next Frack Camp and join us there.

For more details of the Frack Off campaign and latest news on the matter, visit : http://www.frackoff.org.uk.

Finally, make yourself aware of up and coming Planning Applications. It could be us next !


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