Bury Green Party

26 May 2014

With candidates standing in 15 wards out of 17 - a record for Bury Green Party which has only been active in the last three years - 3260 local residents voted for our radical green alternative to the main three parties.

Labour did well with taking two wards from the Conservative and one from the Lib-Dem. Labour's share of the vote was 44.11%, Conservative 28.81%. UKIP stood 9 candidates. Reflecting the national trend boosted by media saturation, their share of the vote was 20.88%. This is just 8% less than the Conservative. The Lib-dem stood 15 candidates and got 8.72% of the share of the vote. 


Results for the Greens for each ward 


Ward                         Candidate                     Votes       


Radcliffe East          Nicole Haydock            368          14.36%

Radcliffe West         Stephen Dillon             303          12.73%

Radcliffe North         John Southworth         361          11.79%

Sedgley                  Kamila Laing                307           9.30%

Church                   Pat Neill                      309           8.55%

St Mary's                Paul Deaville                258           8.14%

Besses                   Larissa Heath              172            6.82%

North Manor            Mary Heath                 221           6.23%

Moorisde                Anne Beckett               155           5.36%

East                      Eva Stewart                137            5.05%

Redvales                Bill Brison                    168            5.05%

Elton                    Julie Southworth           159            4.95%

Pilkington Park        Peter Curati                 118            4.01%

Tottington             Zarrin Shannon             109            3.49%

Ramsbottom           Glyn Heath                  168            3.15%


The count for the European Election in Bury will take place on Sunday 25th May, starting at 18.00.

The overall results for the North West Region will be announced on Sunday 25th.






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