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5 May 2015

Being officially recognised a Main Party since the 2014 Local Elections in Bury, voters will have the opportunity to Vote Green in every single ward this year as well as for our two Parliamentary candidates John Southworth for Bury North and Dr Glyn Heath for Bury South constituencies. 

So, if elected on May 7th, what difference will Green Councillors make to the way Bury Council has been run by the dominant Labour group since 2010? What would we do?

Restore Local Democracy

  • Scrap the Cabinet and "Strong Leader" model
  • Reinstate full powers to Council Committees &  Scrutiny Committees
  • Review the Statement of Community Involvement policy and create a bottom-up approach to empower local communities
  • Devolve budgets & planning matters at local Township level where appropriate

Preserve our environment

  • Keep all our Green Belt land free from housing and commercial/industrial development - including Gin Hall
  • Ensure that brownfield sites are developed in priority in any emerging Local or Greater Manchester Development Plans
  • Create new cycling tracks and nature trails for walkers across the Borough with help from Bury Conservation Volunteers
  • Declare Bury a " Frack-Free-Zone"

Services & savings

  • Stop the eviction of tenants victims of the disgraceful bed-room tax
  • End zero-hour contracts with all contracted-out service providers
  • Phase-in the implementation of the Living Wage for all Council employees
  • Review the Councils' top Officers' salaries to ensure that they earn no more than 5 times the lowest paid council employee
  • Cut all Elected Members' allowances from £8000 to £5000 per year, including "Cabinet" members' allowances
  • Ring-fence all moneys saved to be used towards phasing-in the restoration of our Youth & Park Rangers' services
  • Drop the £30 charge for a second grey bin for families who need it

Support local communities & volunteers

  • Apply for major external funding with a view to re-establish an independent Council for Voluntary Services
  • Re-instate Bury Central Library
  • Promote heritage tourism across the Borough with Radcliffe People's History Museum as top priority
  • Create 10 new allotments across the Borough to meet demand
  • Support all neighbourhood "growing your own food" community project

The Green Party is the only political party which believes that the UK deficit - which stubbornly remains at £120 billion after 5 years of Tory/Lib-dem "Austerity" - should not be paid for by the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

Greens believe that there is a better way to reduce the deficit over a long period by investing in this country's infrastucture  for the future and raise people's living standard rather than continue with further and deeper cuts in public services and welfare. For full details on our fully costed Green Party Election Manifesto, do visit our main website www.greenparty.org.uk.


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