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27 September 2013

The Green Party support the development of AD Plants. This technology is one of the friendliest method of producing renewable energy and electricity from biodegradable waste.

It is a green alternative to burning fossil fuel which reduces CO2 emission and therefore contributes to tackling Climate Change. 

However the location of such installation has to be carefully chosen. They have to be in the right place. And all the supportive documents planning applications have to be based on robust scientific evidence. 

Unfortunately, the combined planning applications for the infilling of Fletcher Bank Quarry and the Anaerobic Digestion Plant in Shuttleworth do not, in our considered opinion, meet either of those criteria. 

The AD Plant is to be located less than 200 metres away from a densely populated area and a primary school.

The increased number of HGVs delivering the waste to the plant will cause added congestion on the A56 and some minor roads which have already been deemed to be over capacity by the Highways department. 

The Air Quality supporting document is flawed in three respects: the meteorological data collected from Manchester Airport which is 33 km south of Ramsbottom was deemed unacceptable by Bury Planning Committee in 2006 and therefore remains so,  the air monitoring data has been collected during the lowest pollution quarter ( March to May) and then annualised, and the US modelling software (AEROMOD) to measure the air movement within the site is not appropriate in cases of escarpments. This is  according to their own manual. The eastern and north eastern face of the quarry is 80 metres above the bottom of the site !

To view the full text of our objection, do visit our Ramsbottom Greens' sister website: 


You can also read joint co-ordinator John Southworth's article in the Bury Times pubished on 17/10/2013







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