Bury Green Party

4 May 2016

If elected, Bury Green Party candidates will: 


1. Protect our Green Belt & the environment - Bury Greens are actively working with all 10 Greater Manchester Green Parties in challenging  Greater Manchester Combined Authorities' Spatial Framework  plan for the next 15 years which threatens Bury's Green Belt land. Together with our sister parties across Greater Manchester and other environmental organisations, we will continue to  take  part in key consultation exercises to improve public transport, reduce air pollution and strive to "green" our cities.  We are fully committed to ensure  that the views of the victims of the Boxing Day flooding in Bury are duly taken into account by the Environment Agency and the Council when producing  their flood defence scheme. We are also committed to protect all Public Open Space and address litterring and fly tipping. We strongly believe that all Sites of Special Scientific Interest and wildlife corridors must be protected.


2. Declare Bury a " No Fracking Zone " - Greens are opposed to fracking. Together with local anti-fracking groups, we will put pressure on the Council to declare our Borough a " No Fracking Zone " and to reject any planning application from developers for the exploration of shale and methane gas anywhere within the Borough's boundaries.


3. Campaign against austerity - Greens remain opposed to cuts in Local Government funding which we have always viewed as unfair and unnecessry. We will support all local initiatives aimed to protect essential services to the most vulnerable. We will support all efforts on the part of the Council to improve its procurement, share its services with neighbouring Councils where appropriate and seek to generate new income.


4. Tackle poverty - Bury Greens believe that our voluntary sector has been grossly mismanaged over the past 10 years. We will take the lead in helping to create a new, independent and financially sustainable Council for Voluntary Service. We will seek to invest in community development and the not-for-profit sector. We will restore a fully functional Bury Central Library service as a matter of urgency with the help of volunteers. We believe that the Manchester Credit Union scheme enjoyed by Council employees and Six Town Housing residents should be extended to residents right across the Borough.


5. Regenerate local democracy - Bury Greens have long been opposed to the " Strong Leader " and " Cabinet" model of governance adopted by Labour. We believe this has greatly damaged local democracy and contributed to a dangerously low level of citizens' involvement in public consultation exercises and apathy.  We will seek to instigate a fundamental review of the Statement of Community Involvement policy and the governance of our 6 Township Forum. We believe that budget and planning decisions - where appropriate - should be devolved to township level.



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