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11 May 2016


Whilst Green Party votes in Bury were slightly down from the last round of similiar local elections back in 2014, we did get some good results on May 6th, with an overall percentage of  5.35%.

We are particularly proud of the fact that for the second year running, we were able to have candidates in all 17 wards in Bury which wasn't the case for UKIP ( 9 candidates ) and the Lib-Dem (13 candidates).

We finished ahead of the Lib-Dem in North Manor, Moorside, Church, Besses , Radcliffe East, Radcliffe West and Elton.

Where UKIP or the Lib-Dem failed to challenge the two main parties, our candidates in Redvales - Paul Johnstone - did well with 367 votes (14.6%) and East - Glyn Heath - with 286 votes (11.58%). 

Whilst support for the Greens remains steady in North Manor with our long standing candidate Mary Heath achieving 6% of the vote,  Andew Hunt did equally well  with 5.5% of the vote in Church.

But perhaps the most significant result this May has been in Radcliffe East where we were up against 4 candidates. Our candidate Niamh McGarry-Griffin achieved 7.2% of the vote.

Sadly for democracy in our Borough, the turn-out was 38.1%.

Labour lost 2 seats : Ramsbottom went to the Conservative and Holyrood to the Lib-Dem .

Both St Mary's & Segley are now  highly marginal wards. 


Bury Council remains under Labour control with 34 Elected Members, 16 Conservative and 3 Liberal Democracts.

There will be no local Elections in 2017.


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