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Open meeting - Tuesday 7th May - St Joseph Parish Centre. 132, Walmersley road. 7.30pm

11 April 2013

Climate change is probably the  greatest single challenge we face as the inhabitants of Planet Earth.

Drawing from the latest research on changes in our climate and the political hazards still surrounding the debate, we will explore the idea as to whether we may still have time to take action to limit its impact.

Based on the review of a book written by Dr. Emily Boyd and Emma L. Tompkins from the University of Leeds simply entitled "Climate Change"  published in 2010, the discussion will be lead by a member of our local group. 

This is to be the first of a series of talks to be held on 1st Tuesday of every other month


Topics offered by members/guest speakers so far

Wildlife protection and Planning 

"Planet Ponzi" - book review 

The campaign against animal cruelty : what progress ?

Why Osborne's austerity measures do not  work ?

Nottingham Council Food Policy


Please come back and visit our site  for confirmation of dates and topics. 




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