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22 August 2012

Credit Union offers an accessible savings facility with low interest loans to its own members.

With over 2,500 members, Bolton "Quids In" Credit Union is one of the largest credit union in the North West. They have provided over 850 loans totalling over £600,000 in value to its members and have saved them thousands of pounds in high interest repayments.

Members in Bolton can pay into their credit union anywhere that displays the Paypoint and Payzone logos. It offers a safe and convenient way for all its members to save and borrow including accounts for junior savers, a Christmas saving club and a school savers scheme. It provides access to low cost, affordable loans, including green loans to fund energy efficient home improvements.

Bury Council - controlled by Labour with a majority of 26 - have had a detailed plan submitted to them last September which ties-in with Bolton Home and Bolton Council scheme. The proposal was put to all our Elected Members by the business manager of Six Town Housing at a full council meeting on 7th September 2011.

All the preparatory work had been done. The structure was in place and with support from volunteers from the Citizen Advice Bureau, initial staffing costs were deemed " not considered as a main constraint". All that was required was approval from our Elected Members.

So, what are they waiting for ?

Bury Green Party believe the delay in the implementation of the scheme is unacceptable.

This is why we are asking our Elected Members to approve the setting up of this scheme as a matter of priority.

We urge members of the public to join our campaign in support of Bury's Six Town Housing Credit Union scheme by:

1. sending an email to the Leader of the Council   ( M.Connolly@bury.gov.uk ) and asking  for an explanation for the delay in approving Six Town Housing's Credit Union Scheme

2. sending  the same email to your ward councillor. You can find his or her contact details  by clicking on: htt://www.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=3584 3.

3. sending  a letter to your ward councillor addressed to: Town Hall, Knowsley street, Bury. BL9 OSW

4. raising your concern about delay in the implementation of the scheme and asking for an update  at your next Township Forum meeting in your area

5. sending a question to Democratic Services at the Town Hall addressed to the Leader of the Council  to be raised at Question Time at the next Full Council meeting


And if you need further details of our campaign, contact us on haydockbgp@yahoo.com or call us on 0161 7051560.

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