Bury Green Party

14 May 2016

Greens will be voting "YES" to remain in the EU at the Referendum on 23rd June and campaign for the following reforms:


  • STRONGER ENVIRONMENTAL AMBITION on climate change and nature conservation with policies to help achieve 100% renewable energy
  • BETTER EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS for workers in the UK and across Europe, including fair pay and the enforcement of rules that protect us at work
  • FAIRER TRADE POLICIES including an end to trade deals like TTIP that allow corporate interests to undermine democracy and threaten our NHS
  • TOUGHER ACTION ON TAX DODGING and bank regulation including EU-wide financial transaction tax and tougher EU rules to tackle tax fraud and evasion
  • BOLDER DEMOCRATIC REFORMS and changes to make EU institutions more accountable to citizens, such as votes at 16 , more live-streaming and increased transparency

For an up-date of our "Greens for a better Europe" street stalls across the Borough,  visit : www.facebook.com/burygreenparty




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