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30 June 2015

Cuadrilla had hoped to drill four wells in Lancashire and undertake exploratory fracking for shale gas at Preston New Road, near Plumpton on the Fylde.

Nine of the councillors on the 14-strong Planning Committee voted to oppose the application on the grounds of visual impact and unacceptable noise. They also rejected a related application for sensors used to monitor seismic activity.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP described the decision as a " fantastic victory" and said " The decision proves that, in spite of all the government's efforts to force through fracking, local communities can prevent it from going ahead".

About 500 people protested outside Preston Town Hall on Monday when the Planning Committee met while more than 50,000 people signed a petition calling for the fracking applications to be rejected.

However, the battle for the anti-fracking lobby may not be over yet as Cuadrilla is likely to appeal to the Secretary of State to reverse Lancashire County Councillors's decision.

Bury Green Party launched its own petition a few months ago to call on Bury Councillors to declare Bury a " No Fracking Zone".

With a number of street stalls in Ramsbottom, Prestwich and Radclife already held, we are on our way to collect 2500 signatures which will trigger a full debate on the matter at the Council.

Only then shall see whether our own Labour Councillors in particular will continue to " sit on the fence" on fracking for shale gas or support the greens and the country's anti-fracking movement.



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