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20 May 2011

Walmersley residents' campaign to save "Gin Hall " leads to humiliating withdrawal of Bury Core Strategy

Bury Green party and our candidate for North Manor Glyn Heath fully supported Walmersley's residents campaign against the Council's plans to take the area known as "Gin Hall" out of the Green Belt. The original plan contained in the Council's Local Development Framework was to allow the area to be released for industrial and/or commercial development.

With no less than 412 residents registering their objections to the proposal, Bury Planning Department decided to revise the document.  The new version was published in February 2011 and was examined  by Inspector S.J Pratt at a Hearing on 12th and 13th May 2011.

At the Hearing, Jim Metcalfe - Bury's ex-Planning Officer - spoke on behalf of Walmersley's residents. He pointed out that no targetted consultation of local people had been carried to turn " Gin Hall " into industrial or commercial land. He also raised concerns that the Council had failed to undertake full community engagement as expected of the Council's own Statement of Community Involvement.

With threats of possible legal action from Peel Holdings Ltd and Wilton Estates due to their own concerns with the revised version of the Strategy,  Planning Officer Paul Allen took advice from the Council's legal department and the Chief Executive and decided  to withdraw the whole of the Core Strategy altogether.

As a result, the Council has requested of the Secretary of State direction with withdraw their submission. This was granted on 27th June 2011 by Bob Neil PM and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department for Comunities and Local Government Bob Neil MP. An amended plan is now being re-drafted by the Planning Department. It  will be submitted for public consultation between  November 2011 and  May 2012.

Bury Green Party will keep local residents and supporters informed of further developments with an update on this site and the next issue of our North Manor Newsletter.  




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