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14 September 2011

Coalition threatens founding principles of the NHS

In his keynote speech on Saturday morning, deputy leader Adrian Ramsay attacked the Coalition government's plans to move the NHS towards privatisation and said :

"The Tory-Lib Dem proposals threaten the founding principles of our National Health Service and they do this by shifting more responsibility and delivery of healthcare out of public hands".

"The Government's plan is one where private companies provide services commissioned by GPs, paid by taxpayers.  But the British Medical Association is clear: most GPs want to focus on treating patients, not commissioning".

He continued :

" NHS privatisation is a bad deal for the patient and a bad deal for the taxpayer. It does matter who deliver the care - not just what it costs".

And added:

" We have a clear message for the Government: we're proud of the NHS. We still believe in healthcare free at the point of delivery. We still believe in healthcare based on clinical need, not ability to pay. We haven't stopped believing in healthcare to meet the needs of everyone and we reject your privatisation."


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Greens vote to revitalise rural economy


Caroline Allen of the party's national Policy Committee, who lead the policy review, said :

" Our new policies aim to revitalise the rural economy without resorting to inappropriate and damaging development. People are rightly horrified by the Coalition's proposals for a National Planning Policy Framework, which would simply give developers a green light to concrete out the countryside. We would strengthen planning controls for large-scale or damaging land-use changes in the countryside. In addition, we reaffirm our complete opposition to any sell-off of Forestry Commission land ".

She added:

" Our policies will support rural communities, create new employment, protect services and ensure that any development is appropriate, sustainable and provides real benefit "

To address the rural housing shortage, the Green Party proposes a Rural Housing Agency to keep under review housing needs and would support imaginative schemes to meet these needs in a sustainable and affordable manner. The Greens also want to see more Government action to stop the loss of essential facilities like health centres, schools and post offices.

The Green party would increase agricultural employment through better access to land for new entrants by securing long term local markets. The party also recognises the potential of non-agricultural rural enterprise, including recreation and tourism, renewable energy, home working and internet-linked enterprise. Rural employment is often characterised by low pay and seasonal work and improved employment opportunities, particularly for young people, are essential.

Other policies adopted call for :

* Greater protection to wildlife and extend a basic level of habitat protection to the whole countryside

* Link national parks and conservation areas to create a wide network of arears with high conservation value

* Protect and maintain existing rights of way and provide wider public access to the countryside

* Ensure that tourism and recreation development is sustainable and benefit local economies.

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