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Hundreds of residents in Radcliffe and Ramsbottom have been deeply affected by the river Irwell flooding

10 February 2016

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has responded to the massive disruption to communities, lives and local economies caused by the Boxing Day flooding in the North.

"It has been clear", she said " that since its election, this government hasn't grasped the reality of climate change we're experiencing - which the experts tell us will result in more extreme weather, and extremes happening more often".

David Cameron announced that he will have a look and see whether more needs to be done !

But by cutting down on flood defence budgets and the number of  Environment Agency staff, his government has totally failed to respond to the reality and threats of a world now already living with one degree of warming above pre-industrial levels.

What is urgently needed is more money to build better flood defences, but also look at land use across catchments whilst put an end to giving approval to housing development in flood risk areas.

Looking at the flood risk areas in Radcliffe East as identified by Bury Council's own Flood Risk Assessment, it is clear, for instance, that the relatively new Riverside estate next to the Irwell bend above Close Park was always likely  to be vulnerable.

Futhermore,  in view of the contamination spread from the sewage works on the other side of the river and the latest finding of an infestation of toxic giant hogweed  seeds which have spread on the river banks and people's gardens, many questions will no doubt be asked by local residents before the Council and other Statutory Agencies come up with a credible plan to protect this particular vulnerable area of Radcliffe.

The same ought to apply to Ramsbottom.















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