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10 May 2014

The Green Party is the only party that is opposed to the Coalition Government's unfair and unnecessary austerity measures. Labour has pledged to keep to the same disastrous economic policy.

Since 2010, David Cameron and Nick Clegg 's austerity plan have placed a huge burden on low income families. Meanwhile, the rich are getting richer as the gap between the wealthiest and the poorest in this country widens with devastating consequences for democracy and the very fabric of our society.

With a savage 40% cut in the Bury Council budget by 2015, Bury's Councillors have had to make extremely difficult choices. Whilst we support all efforts made by Labour to minimise the impact these cuts have had on essential services, we believe that a number of these choices have been ill-advised and have failed to protect the most vulnerable in our community.

We also strongly believe that Bury's  top-down and bureaucratic model of local  democracy has never worked and must urgently be reviewed.

Meanwhile, the relentless burning of fossil fuels - coal, oil and gas - has led to an increase in average global temperature which threatens the very existence of many species, including humans. An increase of 2 degree centigrade may not appear to be much, but if allowed to become reality,  it will cause more extreme weather conditions resulting in vast areas of the planet Earth rendered unstainable due to drought and flooding. These will affect us all, but people from the poorest nations will suffer the most.

This is why, if elected, all our candidates promise to:

  • Support locally-owned and locally managed renewable energy projects and adopt a " No Fracking in Bury " policy


  • Invest in insulating all council owned properties and install solar panels on  homes for the elderly and our schools, thus cutting CO2 emissions, reduce electricity bills and create green jobs


  • Improve participation in local democracy by devolving budgets such that effective decision making will be at Township and/or neighbourhood level, whichever is the most appropriate for the local community


  • Take steps towards ensuring that the highest paid Council Officials do not earn disproportionately more than the lowest paid Council employees and review further Councillor's allowances and expenses


  • Ring-fence any long term savings thus made to re-employ Youth Workers, Park Rangers and employ a small number of qualified Community Development Workers


  • Ensure that contracted-out services with the Council are only awarded to firms that treat their workers fairly e.g. no zero hour contracts and a proper rate for travelling allowances


  • Facilitate the development of start-up businesses and social entreprises by granting a 2 year business rate holiday to new entrepreneurs. Put pressure on our major supermarkets to pay a Living Wage to all their employees


  • Make savings from the Arts Gallery and Museum budget, close down or relocate the Sculpture Centre and restore Bury Central Library as one of the most valuable community resources in the Borough


  • Develop an action plan to tackle poverty in Bury from the grass roots, involving local businesses, community and faith groups and the Voluntary sector. Adopt a " No Eviction" policy for victims of the vicious " bedroom tax"  and reclassify spare rooms  used by carers, store room for  the disabled or a a room to study


  • Seek to convert disused buildings such as office blocks and empty shops into affordable housing


  • Invest in a promotion campaign for our Credit Union facilities to help people in debt. Oppose new licence applications from Pay Day local companies and seek to reduce the number of betting shops


  • Continue with our campaign to oppose all commercial or industrial developments on Greenbelt land, including the 7 hectares of land known as "Gin Hall" in North Manor


  • Create more cycle tracks across the Borough and seek to improve the safety of all our cycle lanes


  • Develop a comprehensive food growing stratgegy  in partnership with Bury's self-managed allotment associations, food growing community projects and local farmers


  • Maintain species diversity by conducting an ecological audit of the land in the Borough and ensure that, where necessary, land of ecological importance is afforded appropriate protection


  • Greens have the strongest policies on animal protection of all political parties and a strong record of action to prove it. If elected, we will ensure that animal cruelty in Bury is not tolerated.

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