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10 June 2015

Daisy Bailey, who represents Radcliffe East, will be the first Green Party's councillor on Bury Council. She said of her decision: " When I became an independent councillor, I had the best interests of my own town, neighbours and residents at heart. However, there is a bigger agenda affecting people here, not least the prospect of five more years of austerity. I feel that while I will always put Radcliffe first and its residents first, I have a responsibility to use my role to represent people and advocate on important national and global issues that impact people who live here".

" I will continue to do my best for Radcliffe as a member of the Green Party. As well as its reputation for putting people first and commmunity first, the party has an eye on the bigger picture that we need to be part of here in Bury such as fighting against the cust, extending local democracy, conserving our green spaces and environment, campaigning against fracking, maintaining the character of our communities and protecting the NHS".

Daisy's joining the Green Party comes after the General Election which saw more than one million people vote Green. The party's membership has continued to rise since, growing past 65,000, making it the third largest party in England and Wales.

The Green Party in Bury has a rapidly growing membership too and fielded candidates in every ward on May 7th Local Election, as well as Parliamentary candidates in Bury North and Bury South. We doubled our previous share of the vote to 4.5% or 4253.

Welcoming Daisy Bailey to the local party at the June monthly meeting, co-ordinator Nicole Haydock said " Bury Green Party members have given a very warm welcome to councillor Bailey and her husband Matt " and added " Bury Greens have pledged to give their full support to Daisy in her work as councillor representing the people of Radcliffe East and the interest of the township as a whole ".

There is no doubt that Radcliffe and its town centre desperatly need a Regeneration Plan. Although some progress has been made with the launch of the refurbished Market Hall, all the evidence points to an unfortunate lack of grass roots community involvement or participation of local residents and the business community in the implementation of the development plan.

More that ever therefore, and now with the help from our 1st Green Councillor, we are determined to do all we can to bring local people closer together by getting more involved in local decisions and campaign for a number of community projects which will benefit of some of the poorest and most vunerable of Radcliffe residents.


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