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2 August 2015

Many of the policies Jeremy Corbyn is espoussing are identical to those of the Greens: against austerity, in favour of taxing the richest and closing down tax avoidance and tax evasion loopholes to reduce inequalities and the deficit. He is also for the renationalisation of the rail network and the cancellation of the renewal of Trident.

Mr Corbyn shares our policies against the privatisation of the NHS and support free child care provision. He wants to end the public sector pay freeze, repeal the anti trade-union laws and is in favour of adopting a humane response to political asylum seekers and refugees coming from war zones and dictatorships.

On 29th July, he put his hat in the ring for a " Yes" vote on the Referendum to remain in the EU whilst adopting the Green Party's campaign for fundamental democratic reforms of EU institutions and work with our European allies to benefit ordinator Europeans across the continent.

During the May 2015 general election, the Greens, along with the SNP and Plaid Cymru vigorously opposed Ed Miliband's neo-liberal " austerity light" , his support for Trident,  his lack of commitment to stop fracking and seek substantial investments in renewable energy to tackle Climate Change.

Whether at local, regional or national level, the point of the Green Party is to see our policies implemented. We achieve this by taking part in elections and by supporting pressure groups fighthing for environmental and social justice.

Given the inevitable adverse outcome of the proposed boundary changes in England as well as the success of the SNP, if Jeremy Corbyn wants to prove that he is the most progressive candidate for the leadership of the Labour Party and his aim is to become the UK Prime Minister in 2020, he must now declare his support for the Green Party's campaign for Proportional Representation at all levels of government. 

Food for thoughts....

Had we had PR instead of first-past-the-post at the local election in Bury on May 2015,  Labour would not have commanded an overall majority. Instead of 34 councillors out of 51, they would only have 24 elected members to support their policies. Isn't time the anti-democractic " Strong Leader" and cabinet model of governance be reviewed ?








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