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26 September 2015

John Southworth ran his own successful business for 15 years and is now working as a senior teacher on the management team of a local school. He has lived in Bury North and the local area for almost 30 years.

" I am in favour of greater devolution of power to Tottington and the other Bury Townships. If elected, I will press for the devolvement of budget and planning at township level where appropriate. I believe this is the only way for the Council to begin relaying roots to the community".

If elected, John will campaign for scrapping Bury Council and Tony Blair-inspired " strong leader model " of governance and press for a return to the committee system with an open and transparent scrutiny system.

He will also demand a fundamental review of the Statement of Community Involvement policy and for the adoption of a bottom-up approach to local democracy.

John actively supports the on-going campaign initiated by Bury Green Party to Reinstate Bury Central Library.

"I consider the Sculpture Centre to be a vanity project for the Labour run Council" says John and adds "the project is a scandalous, shocking waste of tax payers money and hard to take for its 25,800 users".

There has been a drop of 30% of junior books lending since Bury Central Library floor space was reduced by 60% to make room for the Sculpture Centre.

Our green candidate for Tottington is also concerned about the Council charging £30 for a second grey bin. "This is deeply unfair" says John, who supports Bury Green Party campaign for the charge to be dropped.

A keen garderner and supporter of the Incredible Edible community projects in Bury North, John is lending his active support to a Walshaw project on Booth Street   (behind Holly street) instigated by Marc Young, a Tottington resident and member of Bury Green Party.

The aims of the project are to:

  • promote and develop a culture and opportunities for growing food, cookikng and sourcing local products
  • encourage voluntary engagement from local residents of all ages
  • share expertise of growing own food
  • encourage the community to look after and take pride in their neighbourhood

Thank you for visiting our website and if you live in Tottington, please vote for John Southworth on 22nd October or earlier if you are a postal voter. The ballots should be posted to you on 9th October.


email : john.southworth@greenparty.org.

twitter: @johnsouthworth










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