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24 August 2013

In support of Walmersley Residents Action Group (WRAG), Bury Greens have been totally committed to save Bury's Green Belt in the North of the Borough otherwise  known as "Gin Hall". 

Although opposition to the inclusion of "Gin Hall " in the latest July 2013 version of the proposed Bury Local Plan for the next 16 years has recently  been described by leading Labour Councillors as a case of nimbyism, this could not be further from the truth.

Protecting Bury's Green belt from development is an issue that people from right across the Borough and from all walks of life do care deeply about.

This was clearly demonstrated at a Stakeholders event of last year where the vast majority of participants identified the protection of our Green Belt as their top priority. 

From people's responses to our continued campaign of objection to the 2013 Local Plan conducted so far in Ramsbottom, Prestwich and Radcliffe,  we know that protecting the Green belt does remain a top priority for the majority of local residents. 

If you have not come across Bury Green Party street stall as yet, and wish to register your objection to this particular aspect of the Local Development Plan, we would urge you to do so before 13th September.

Go to : www.bury.gov.uk/corestrategy

type in your response in the word formatted form and return it as an email attachment to planning.policy@bury.gov.uk 

Alternatively, completed comment forms can be returned by post to the following address:


Environment and Development Services

Planning and Transportation Policy

3 Knowsley Place 

Duke Street



Or you can simply send a letter to:

The Chief Planning Officer, 

3, Knowsley Place,

Duke Street



or email : planning.policy@Bury.gov.uk

We recommend that you also request to be notified when the Core Strategy is submitted to the Secretary of State for Independent Examination, the Inspector's recommendations following the examination when published, and when the Core Strategy is finally adopted.

email : haydockbgp@yahoo.com for further information. 


* http://bit.Iv/178hUm9 









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