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Bury Greens oppose Second Draft Publication Core Strategy as unsound and unsustainable

3 January 2013

Bury Green Party has submitted a 10 pages document objecting to the second Draft Publication Core  Strategy of November 2012.

Summary of our main objections :

1. The retention of the greenfield site known as "Gin Hall" earmarked for a large industrial/ commercial development is in the Green Belt. This is against Bury Council's existing policy to protect our Green Belt. It is also against the New National Planning Framework (NNPF) of March 2012.

2. The Employment Land Review used by Planners  to justify the need to include "Gin Hall " in the Green Belt is flawed. The Land Review significantly overestimates the need for employment land for the period of the 15 years proposed Local Development Plan.

3. The forecasted economic growth for the period of the Plan is overestimated and the historical data used for calculating the projected land-take up is unsound. We have identified issues with each stage of the calculation that have inflated the projected need for land take -up to 2029.

4.The Draft provides no evidence of " very special circumstances" to justify the use of  Green Belt land or that such  development would be  "cleary outweighed by other considerations" (NNPF)

5. The consultation process has - and this,  for the second time running - failed to be comprehensive, transparent , accessible and appropriate.

6. A high density offices and warehouses development on 7 hectares of Green Belt land off the half-slip road from the M66 and along the congested A56 will have a major negative impact on reducing the need to travel and therefore will not reduce carbon emissions.

7. Whilst applauding the Plan's intention to make Bury " the healthiest Borough in the North West" we expressed  our deep  concern over the absence  of any  food policy in the Plan  which should include adequate provision to meet the legitimate local demand for more allotments and the sustainable sourcing of locally produced  food for schools and hospitals.


Since sending our submission, Bury Planners have confirmed that all the issues we have raised will be duly responded to in writing.

A full version of our submission can be sent to you on request :  haydockbgp@yahoo.com.




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