Bury Green Party

26 August 2011

The visit was both informative and interesting, comprising of a power point presentation by two of Viridor  Education Officers,  a tour of the landfill site and the methane fuelled electricity generating facility. This was followed by a session on the recycling of household waste.

The information of keen interest to us as members of Bury Green Party can be summarised as follows:

  • Pillsworth landfill site belongs to the Earl of Wilton - not Bury Council
  • This site is ideal for landfill as it is a very large sand-filled basin; but it is in the Green Belt !

  • A proportion of the income generated from the site from the "gate fees" and electricity generated goes to the landowner
  • The methane produced by the fermentation is captured and 7 generators produce enough  electricity for 7000 local homes
  • The landfill tax costs  £14 million a year to Bury tax payers - e.g. £ 250 a year for every resident
  • Bury Council will start collecting food waste from October in the brown bins
  • Viridor Laing has a 25 years contract with Bury Council
  • Land fill tax is £56 per metric tonne and the " gate fee " for " rubbish " is £ 15 a tonne
  • 200 lorries - average weight 15-20 tonnes - coming from all Councils within Greater Manchester - arrive at the site every day
  • The large ditches where the waste in kept are capped with plastic sheeting to impede drainage and once filled, are covered with 2 metres of soil
  • A falconer is used two or three times a week as an effective means of deterring seagulls 

 Members of Bury Green Party really enjoyed the experience. Highly recommended !


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