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17 September 2014

The Labour Party is coming to Manchester for their last Party Conference before the general election in May 2015, when they could be in power.

The Green Party, together Greater Manchester Frack-Free,Trade Unions and Anti-Austerity campaigners are calling on the Labour shadow cabinet, Labour MPs and the party as a whole:

  • To actively oppose the passage of the Infrastucture Bill ( a.k.a the "Fracking under our Homes Bill" )
  • To give a Manifesto commitment to ban fracking for shale gas, coal bed methane extraction and underground coal gasification
  • To give a Manifesto commitment that if Labour is elected, they will implement the proposal of the TUC's One Million Jobs report. These proposals would create a million new jobs within 12 months in the development of alternative low carbon renewable energy production, greater energy efficiency, reduced energy usage, and other measures which will drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions over the next 20 years. Also, help us to achieve 100% self-sufficiency in energy as a country over the same period.

Bury Greens share the belief with all the local lobbying organisations to this important Labour Party conference that these measures are the right kind of policies for any government which is serious about addressing the growing threat of irreversible and globally catastrophic climate change, as well a reducing unemployment, addressing fuel poverty and tackling our long term energy requirements as a country without destroying our environment in the process.

Please join Bury Green Party on the march and lobby if you can.

This march and lobby are organised and supported by Frack Free Greater Manchester, Grater Manchester Association of Trades Councils, Frack Hell (UK), People's Assembly Against Austerity, Campaign against Climate Change, Green Party and many other parties.

For further info: frackfreegtrmanchester.org.uk



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