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20 December 2015

Nearly 200 countries signed up to the Global Climate Agreement in Paris on 12th December 2015. The positive news is that the deal includes an aim to limit global warming to 1.5C. That's a vital recognition that a 2C temperature rise is unsustainable for the whole planet and a death sentence for many communities and indeed some countries.

But the Agreement has serious weaknesses. It lack mechanisms to turn aspirations into action to secure a safe climate. Financial assistance from the rich world to those poorest countries vulnerable to droughts, storms and sea level rises is well short of what these communities will need to survive. Human rights should also be at the heart of the ageement which they are not.

When you add up the carbon reduction pledges from all nations, there is no getting away from the fact that we're still on track to unprecedented and dangerous levels of global warming.

What we now desperatey need is a clear plan for 100% renewable by 2050 and action to keep all fossil fuels - including shale gas in the ground from this point forward.

In the UK, this means we must continue to press for a reversal of the Tory's shameful recent cuts in government's subsidies to the solar and wind power energy business sector which has driven so many of them to out of business. 

We must also give all our support to the scientists' Global Apolo programme which seeks large investments towards developing new technologies in renewables and energy conservation.

At local level, Bury Green Party activists will continue to give their practical  support to the North West anti-fracking movement as we have done for the Barton Moss camp in Salford. 

Bury Greens are also actively involved in Greater Manchester Divestment campaign which is putting pressure on Local Councils and Greater Manchester Pension Fund to stop investing in fossil fuels and switch to investments in renewables. After all, it is our money and we all want to make sure our children and grand-children can live in a world which is not plagued with the devastating consequences of runaway global warming.

Bury Greens  have been, and will continue to be,  supportive of Bury Council's highly successful waste recycling programme. This Labour scheme has saved over £1m of local tax payers money whilst helping people to better understand the value of fresh food  and come together to tackle food waste.

As  founding member of Greater Manchester Green Parties Forum (GMGPF) Bury Green Party has worked in partnership with Salford Green Party to produce our response to Greater Manchester Transport Vision document.

GMGPF has also submitted its own critique of Greater Manchester Combined Authorities (GMCA) 's Carbon Reduction plan.

Forum members are presently working on our response to GMCA's Spatial Framework Vision. Under George Osborne's Greater Manchester Devolution Agreement (signed by all 10 Leaders of the Greater Manchester Local Authorities without any mandate from anyone),  the Spatial Framework will supersede Local Councils' Development Plans for the next 25 years. 

Together with fighthing  for divestment from fossil fuels, against fracking explorations in the North West - which could possibly come to Ramsbottom - as well as challenging  GMCA's neo-liberal pro-growth economic agenda, 2016 promises to be a busy year !

Thank you for visiting our website and if you share our values and aims, why not join us ?

Merry Xmas to you all !








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