Bury Green Party

11 November 2012

Public Meeting

Local democracy : Where’s our voice ?

Wednesday 28thNovember 2012 - 19:30 - 21:00

Blackburn Hall (at the rear of Bury Parish Church)

Guest Speaker : Chris Coates, Green Party Councillor for Lancaster


Members of the public are invited to take part in this event to learn more about new ways of improving local democracy which involves the implementation a credible community engagement policy.

Too many decisions in Bury affecting our neighbourhoods are taken at executive level. Our Township Forums cover a large number of neighbourhoods with their own distinctive character and needs which cannot be adequately met with the present structure. As a result, local residents and community groups feel they have no voice. This leads to a lack of accountability and widespread apathy.

Bury Green Party co-ordinator Nicole Haydock says : “Our Township Forums are dominated by Elected Members. They are purely consultative and advisory. They have no decision making powers and no devolved budgets “ and added “ They are no more than talking shops”.

As a matter of principle, the Green Party believes that power and responsibilities should be shared at the lowest possible level. Where The Green Party controls the council such as in Brighton and Hove, a major change of policy with regards to local democracy has been implemented. Greens offer local people a greater say in designing, delivering and monitoring local services by giving them power to set up local neighbourhood councils with devolved community budgets and decision making powers.

Local Greens call for is a thorough review of Bury’s Community Strategy of 2008 and the Township Forum Operating Framework. We believe that both should be replaced by a proper community engagement approach that the people of Bury deserve and can be proud of.

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