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Walmersley residents determined to continue their campaign to save "Gin Hall ".

25 November 2011

Responding to a  call for a meeting on Thursday 24th November at the local Church  Hall,  residents from Walmersley came flocking in  to hear what the Council's latest version of the Core Strategy said about the Green Belt and " Gin Hall ".

To their dismay, residents heard that having taken "Gin Hall "out of the second version of their Strategy,  the Council's third and latest "Draft Publication Core Strategy" (www.bury.gov.uk/corestrategy) actually puts "Gin Hall " back in their plan as Employment Land.

It was explained to the many  participants who had registered their objections to the original proposals that  the Council would not take those objections into consideration,  although the reasons for them remained unchanged.

With the closing date for consultation being Friday 13th January 2012,  fresh Comments Forms were provided to everyone present. The organisers also stressed the importance of people registering as stakeholders by Friday  2nd December if they wanted to be kept informed of proceedings and be invited at the Stakeholders Event towards the end of the consultation period.  This can be done by either calling (0161) 253 5550 or emailing planning.policy@bury.gov.uk.

What followed was a very lively question and answer session where Jim Metcalfe, spokesman for the Walmersley residents at the Final Hearing on 12th May 2011 explained in some details what was the rationale (or lack of !) behind the new document. He also pointed to some of its more obvious  and inherent contradictions whilst recognising that the Planning Department seemed to  had done a better job this time  round in gathering evidence to support the Draft Publication.  

Everyone agreed that the campaign to "Save Gin Hall" had to  continue and pressure on the Council  stepped up. A 15 strong  Action Group was formed  and  more volunteers came forward to distribute leaflets in their neighbourhood or street. A detailed  Action Plan was adopted which includes lobbying the Leader of the Council, members of the Planning Committee, Bury North Councillors and David  NuttalMP for Bury North.

A suggestion put by chairperson Nicole Haydock  to take up the Planning Department's offer to come to a meeting of local residents as part of their consultation procedure was also agreed. The Church Hall was booked for a further Public Meeting on 5th January for that purpose , starting at 7 pm.

If you wish to join our campaign to protect the Green Belt and save "Gin Hall"  from being turned into land for industrial or commercial development, you can visit  www.bury.gov.uk/corestrategy  and complete the Comments Form online. Alternatively, you can simply send a letter to :


Environment and Development Services

Planing Policy and Project Section

3, Knowsley Place

Duke Street







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