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20 September 2014

As the Scottish Government negotiated additional powers with the UK Government, a People's Constitutional Convention should map out a new settlement for the rest of the United Kingdom.

The guiding principle should be that power flows upwards from the people rather than downwards from an over-centralised state.

The Green Party will push for a People's Constitutional Convention for a new settlement that includes :

  • Greater powers for local and regional government
  • Electoral reform ( the Green Party supports Proportional Representation)
  • "Total" recall for all elected politicians
  • Local referenda and citizen's initiatives
  • Replacing the House of Lords with a fully-elected Upper House
  • The extension of the right to vote to al 16 year olds
  • A written constitution

The settlement to be subject to a referendum.

Our sister oganisation Scottish Greens supported the " Yes "campaign. If it was possible to negotiate Scottish independence in less than 2 years, it need not take decades to agree a new settlement for the rest of the United Kingdom.






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