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7 September 2015

The growing public response from the grass roots to the refugees crisis is showing that we're better as a country that the government gives us credit for. Whilst afraid of racists, UKIP supporters and other anti-europeans, Cameron has totally misjudged the mood of ordinary citizens willing to help those in need.

This huge crisis caused by the civil wars in Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea has been a test for this right wing Conservative Government and they have flunkled it.

It is incredibly heartnerning to see ordinary people up and down Britain responding so generously to the crisis.

Niamh McGarry-Gribbin, a nurse from Bury has turned her holiday on the isle of Kos just off the coast of Turkey into a rescue  mission to help refugees from Syria landing on the beach.

"There are 7000 refugees on the island of Koss right now and approximately 750 arrive everyday" reported Niamh to Bury Greens today. With the local Mayor totally overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and Golden Dawn fascists attacking Syrian women and children  around the Police station where people have to queue up for hours in the heat for their papers so they can move on across Europe to their destination, the situation is highly critical.

Having joined Kos Solidarity, a new charity distributing food, clothes and water to those families on site, Niamh is calling for donations to support the work of the charity. She has created an online appeal raising over £3000 in less than 3 days but a lot more is needed and will continue to be needed for many weeks if not months to come. 

If you wish to donate, please visit:



Now that Bury Council has come forward to give asylum to some of the most vulnerable refugees, we will do all we can to support families and children stranded on the Isle of Kos.

Bury Greens will hold an open  meeting on Friday 11th September at the Two Tub Pub , 7.30 pm to hear local nurse Niamh McGarry-Gribbin back for Kos and discuss what could be done to welcome refugees in Bury.







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