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20 November 2015

As the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is about to begin its 21 session in Paris, the 2 key questions are: can they do it and will they do it ?

The purpose of this Convention is to deliver an effective plan of action to combat the gathering menace of climate change and to ensure that global temperature rise does not exceed 2 degree centigrades.

Parallel to the formal talks between governments, green and civil society groups from all countries, religions, all ages and from all sections of society have been planning an ambitious programme of fringe events, conferences, workshops , stalls and demonstrations. Their aim
is to raise awareness and to mobilise opinion to add pressure on the COPD21 delegates to halt the juggernaut of corporate capitalism through non violent action.

We are already half way to the temperature that even conference delegates all accept as the maximum we can allow the global climate to warm without entering dangerous climate change. Whilst this is a milestone, the even more sobering fact is that the world has already spent two thirds of the carbon budget allowed to keep within 2 degrees centrigades.

That means that of the 2900 gigatonnes of carbon release allowable to keep it within 2 degrees, 2000gt. have already been released. Even if we release no more greenhouse gases, the global temperature will continue to rise. So, to keep within 2 degrees centigrades, we have to start bringing down the rate of greenhouse gas release very rapidly and very soon.

What the fringe will therefore try to impress on COP21 delegates is that if we carry on as we are, the door on keeping below 2 degrees centigrades will close in 2017 !

So, we have just two years to begin to cut emissions to stop catastrophic climate change.

We, on the outside of this Convention will await the final communique, but not with baited breath. We might be pleasantly surprised, but we know from history that whatever is given to us with one magnanimous hand can be snatched away by another mean and graspring claw.

It is therefore up to us, the people of Earth, who must join together to win for ourselves and generations to come, a future that is worth living. Already, the movement to win back our planet from the claws of corporate capitalism is gaining some success.

The divestment movement out of fossil fuel is gathering momentum. Here in Greater Manchester, including in Bury, greens, environmental organisations such as Friends of the Earth and trade unionists are campaigning for the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (one of the largest in the country) to stop investing in fossil fuel.

Communities in the North West and elsewhere in the UK as well as across Europe are also working together to stop fracking for shale gas and putting pressure on politicians to facilitate massive investments in renewable energy and energy conservation measures.

Bury Greens have collected over 700 signatures for our on-going petition calling on the Council to declare Bury as a Frack Free Zone.

We  have also given our full support to a community based hydraulic project on the Irwell and will continue to give our support to the Council's recycling policy. 








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