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15 January 2015

Public pressure, including that from trade unions,  must be mounted to ensure that governments take immediate and concerted action to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid a catastrophic increase in global temperature of between 4.5 to 6 degrees Celsius above pre-indutrial conditions by the end of the century.

The crucial talks to be held in Paris in December 2015 must not be allowed to fail.


The model motion aims to encourage trade union members to join the "Time to Act on Climate Change !" demonstration on 7th March in London, to take their branch/region/trades council banner and to contribute to the theme blocks of the demonstration as appropriate to their industries.

The model motion further calls for assistance to contribute to the cost of a coach to take local people to the demonstation and to affiliate to the Campaign against Climate Change. Affiliation fees are: branches  and trades councils £25, regions and County Associations £50 national unions £150. 


Bulk orders for copies of the new edition of the "One Million Climate Jobs" report can be ordered though the link at   http://www.campaigncc.org.greenjobs


Bury Green Party will be contacting all Bury local trade union branches and Bury Trades Council to ask for their support to the "Time to Act on Climate Change " campaign and the demonstration in London on 7th March.



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