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27 January 2015

Green Party MEPs Keith Taylor and Molly Scott Cato have issued a joint statement after left-wing Syriza won the General Election in Greece.

The Greek Ecology Green Party, part of the European Green Party, took part in a joint election campaign with the radical anti-austerity Syriza Party. Greens have now joined a left coalition government in Greece.

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South-East England and Molly Scott Cato, recently elected Green MEP for South West England said in their statement:

" The result of the Greek elections has shown that the people of Greece have taken a strong stand against the politics of austerity. Greens share the view of the new government that austerity is a failed model which has piled misery on the poorest while making the wealthiest even richer. This result shows that challenging business as usual politics can win the support of the people. In the UK, we are witnesssing a Green Surge, in no small part due to our anti-austerity agenda, and we hope that  the Greek election result marks the beginning of ordinary people standing up to a discredited economic model and failing Governments across Europe".

The Green Party is the only political party which has been opposed to all three main political parties' neo-liberal austerity measures. Ever since 2010, we have campaigned against the cuts and proved that they were not only unfair, but also unnecessary.

By electing a radical new party in Government and challenging the economic neo-liberal ideology which has so completely dominated the political agenda across Europe over the past few years, the people of Greece have shown there is an alternative to tax evasion, corruption, grotesque inequalities, mass unemloyment, poverty and misery.

Over 2000 years ago, the Greeks invented democracy. In 2015, it would seem they have re-invented it for the common good.




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