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Stewart Hay is Bury Green Party candidate for the North Manor by-election

4 November 2012

This is our candidate's election address to the electors of North Manor   

Dear Elector,

Stuart Hey

My name is Stewart Hay. I have lived in the Ramsbottom Tottington North Manor Township for more than 20 years. I live with my wife who I met at the University of Bolton where we both studied. I now work as an independent textile specialist.

I have worked from the factory floor through to company management where I learned to reduce waste, re-use materials & recycle. Good for the business, our wages and the environment.

The Green Party has policies to help people make a career right here in Bury. But more than that, to enjoy a decent standard of living in an attractive location.

If elected, I would work my hardest for North Manor to promote work opportunities, protect our green belt, seek real powers for our Township Forum and make North Manor an even greater place to live.

Green Priorities for North Manor  


Green Belt, Green Spaces

Gin Hall

Gin Hall. The Council has identified sufficient land for employment needs. Yet Gin Hall, in our green belt, is under threat of development. I will fight this and push for the use of already developed sites for incoming employers. A nearby example is the former Paper Mill site in Ramsbottom.

Please register your opposition to the Council’s plans for Gin Hall before 30th November.

Walmerlsey Christ Church Field. Residents have used the field for many years and they have mandated the Friends of Walmersley Village to seek Village Green status. Meanwhile Christ Church wants to raise funds by selling the field to developers.

If elected, I will work with all parties to ensure that the field continues as a green space for all to enjoy and to help the Church find its required fund.

Local Economy

Credit Unions

These saving and borrowing schemes are a secure way for local people and workers to get loans at low rates of interest. There are 13 Credit Unions in Lancashire. Bolton’s Credit Union has been running for more than 5 years. Yet, Bury Council under both Labour and Conservatives has failed to deliver for the people of Bury. I will push for faster action by the Council to set up a Credit Union for Bury.

Jobs & Wages

Equal Pay. This year the Council finally accepted the 1970 Equal Pay Act. After spending more than £500,000 in legal bills over the years, it agreed to settle with nearly 1,000 low paid women employees. I support equal pay for equal work.

Living Wage. The minimum wage of £6.19/hour is too low for even a basic standard of living. That is why the Green Party supports the “Living Wage” of £7.20.

Unemployment. Our Township has more than 400 job seekers. I will work to raise awareness of work opportunities (including apprenticeships and volunteering) while promoting Bury as an attractive location for employers.  

Township Forums & Local Democracy

The Township Forums give local people the chance to speak directly to their Councillors. This is fine as far as it goes. Unfortunately, it doesn't go much further as the Township Forums  have no budget and no powers of their own. If elected, I will seek a devolved budget for our Township Forum.

Allotments  &  Food Sustainability 

There are 510 allotments for Bury’s 83,000 households - about 6 allotments/1,000 households. Local Authority Guidelines have recommended 15 allotments/1,000 households. This may explain Bury’s waiting list of 500 +. I would work with all parties to develop economic ways of increasing allotments. This would be part of a broader food strategy for Bury.

Renewable Energy

Some councils have installed solar energy units on public buildings and housing to reduce energy costs & CO2 emissions. I would push for Bury to follow up on this.


I will pressure bus companies on their services and fares. I would also push the council to publicise voluntary car sharing schemes for commuters.

Clean Streets

Dog fouling is unpleasant and a health hazard. Other councils reduced it by using volunteer wardens. I would investigate that option.



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