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2 March 2015

Bury Greens are working very hard to get our message of hope to the people of Bury. To help us do this we have a launched a crowfunding campaign. Take a look by visiting http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bury-green-party-2015-election-campaign/

With your help, we can campaign effectively for a fairer and more sustainable future. So, please donate whatever you can afford towards our target of £1000. Your money will pay for our " Vote Green"  posters, ward newsletters, our candidates' election addresses and deposits.

Many Bury voters chose our Green Party candidates in 2014, transforming our local party as a  Main Political Party in the Borough for the first time ever. As a result, our membership has trebbled, making us stronger and more determined to spread our message and fight to get elected for what we believe in. 

People across the country and in Bury are looking for a radical and progressive alternative to Labour, the Conservative and the Lib-Dem. With your help, we can make our positive message reach thousands more local residents.

We have a full slate of candidates for the Council Election. This means that every single registered voter in the Borough will have the opportunity to vote for a Green Party candidate at the May 7th Local Election, as well as the General Election. 

Bury Green Party does not receive money from big financial backers. We rely entirely on people like you to make small donations. We also know how to make sure that every penny donated is used in the best possible way to promote our policies and candidates.


Important Note : If you are thinking of donating over £500 through our crowdfunding appeal, you must be on the electoral register and be willing to provide your contact details to us; so please do get in touch before your do by texting  07531753458. or email : haydockbgp@yahoo.com


Donations by cheque payable to " Bury Green Party "  are  welcome too  !

Please send your cheque to our treasurer: 

Glyn Heath


Bury Green Party

12, Walton Drive




Bury Green Party banks with the Co-operative.


Other Ways You Can Help ?

Want a poster ?   text Nicole on 07531753458

Volunteering  ?   http://greenparty.org.uk/getinvolved/

Facebook for updates :   http://www.facebook.com/BuryGreenParty

Twitter : @buryGreenParty














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