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Local Elections May 2018

Below is our manifesto in full for the local elections in May 2018.  For information on our candidates, including what they are standing for and how they will represent you on Bury Council, please click on the 'Elections' tab, or click here



Bury Green Party Local Election Manifesto

3rd May 2018



Improve Transparency, Accountability & Local Democracy

  • Scrap the Cabinet and "Strong Leader" model
  • Reinstate full powers to Council Committees &  Scrutiny Committees
  • Review the Statement of Community Involvement policy and allocate appropriate resources towards a bottom-up approach to empower local communities at neighbourhood level
  • Devolve budgets & planning matters at Township level where appropriate


Protect Our Environment

  • Keep all our Green Belt land free from housing and commercial or industrial development
  • Ensure that brownfield sites are developed as of priority
  • Seek to attract investment to refurbish Bury’s old textile mills and other industrial buildings to meet the housing needs of young couples,  single people and  the older generation  
  • Allocate a substantial proportion of the Council’s investments portfolio into renewable energy production and distribution schemes. Offer energy savings incentives to landlords in the private sector to reduce domestic gas emissions 
  • Develop and implement a food growing policy in partnership with conservation volunteers, local farmers  and self-managed allotment associations
  • Create new allotments across the Borough to meet demand and  national legal requirement
  • Create new cycling tracks, protect existing foot paths and nature trails in partnership with Bury Conservation Volunteers 
  • Drop the £30 charge for a second grey bin for large families and  those who need one 
  • Improve species diversity in the Borough by effective ecological monitoring of proven sites of “natural value”
  • Install visible air pollution monitoring outside primary school gates and traffic light-like signs around the circular road to the centre of Bury
  • Campaign to reduce the use of plastic in partnership with the retail sector and conservation volunteers
  • Commit to a programme of tree planting within Bury, including on Green Belt land and on appropriate neighbouring land 


Support Local Communities & Volunteers

  • Reinstate Bury’s independent Council for Voluntary Services as a matter of urgency 
  • Promote Bury as a City of Sanctuary for asylum seekers and refugees
  • Protect our industrial heritage and promote heritage tourism as part of Bury’s local economy in partnership with civic societies and local history groups 
  • Explore the creation of a Radcliffe People’s History Museum in partnership with local historians, the BBC/ITV, Greater Manchester Universities and creative industries 
  • Redesign part of Radcliffe Market as a community space to temporarily replace the demolished Civic Hall until such time as the promised Leisure Centre / Civic Venue is built 


Services, Savings and Housing 

  • Explore Preston Council’s pioneering local economy model and seek to implement some of their initiatives 
  • End zero-hour contracts with all Bury Council contracted-out service providers
  • Phase-in the implementation of the Living Wage for all Council employees and people employed under outsourced contracts
  • Review the Councils' top Officers' salaries to ensure that they earn no more than 5 times the average wage for council employees
  • Ring-fence all moneys saved to be used from the above towards restoring  Youth & Park Rangers' service
  • Ensure that all planning applications for housing development include 25% of their units as affordable for rent or purchase
  • Checks to be carried out to ensure that private properties for rent are fit for purpose and comply with all health and safety and environmental health legislation. Special attention to be paid to inspect private accommodation allocated to refugees and asylum seekers 
  • Tackle fly tipping with quarterly provision of large skips free of charge in appropriate built-up areas and review free access to small company waste carriers for household waste 
  • Address car parking issues related to Metrolink commuters
  • Review the state and size of the Council’s sites for Gypsies and Travellers and bring such provision in line with its statutory duties  



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