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UK Green MEPs welcome Greek elections results

27 January 2015

"Austerity is a failed economic model"

"Time to Act on Climate Change" ! demonstration and mass mobilisation on 7th March 2015

15 January 2015

The Green Party Trade Union section calls local trade union branches, regions and trades councils to consider a motion of support for the " Time to Act on Climate Change" campaign.

Do we really want an Elected Mayor for Greater Manchester ?

26 December 2014

Stephen Hall from Greater Manchester TUC will be guest speaker at an Open meeting where he will outline the main proposals of George Osborne's "Devo Manc" Agreement. Hosted by Bury Green Party, the meeting will take place on Tuesday 6th January at the Two Tub Pub from 7.30pm. Stephen believes that the manner in which this "Agreement" has been imposed on the people of Bury is blackmail and will explain why there must be a Referendum.

Bury Greens join the campaign for a Referendum on Osborne's "Devo Manc"

11 December 2014

A petition has been launched calling for a referendum on the "Agreement" signed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the leaders of Greater Manchester 10 Local Authorities.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Banking

25 November 2014

On the day that Pope Francis spoke to the European Parliament, Molly Scott Cato urged people to use a new website to find out the truth about the flaws in our banking system and to assess the performance of banks and building societies.

The UK after the Scottish Referendum: Democracy for everyone

20 September 2014

In the aftermath of the Scottish Referendum, the Green Party is backing calls for a People's Constitutional Convention to agree radical changes to the governance of the UK.

Scottish Referendum result has to bring real constitutional changes across the UK

19 September 2014

The Scottish people have set a new standard for political debate across the UK. The level of engagement in the referendum with an 85% turnout was unprecedented and is a model of democracy in action.

Oppose Dash for Gas and Support Ban on Fracking !

17 September 2014

March and lobby of Labour Party Conference Sunday 21st September, Assemble at Piccadilly Gardens from at 11 am.

Green Party calls on wealth tax on assets of multimillionaires

12 August 2014

Presenting a radical new proposal, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said other political parties only offer minor tweaks to the UK's failed economy, instead of major changes to deal with inequality.

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